Procedure Details

  • A colonoscopy is minor, out-patient procedure whereby a professional medical doctor uses a long, flexible, tubular instrument to transmit images of the interior lining of the colon. 
  • A colonoscopy is a common procedure that allows the doctor to check for abnormalities within the colon. 
  • If abnormalities are found, the doctor may remove small amounts of tissue which is then submitted for testing with a pathologist. 
  • As a common, nonintrusive procedure, the colonoscopy allows the doctor to diagnose and to properly treat patients without the need for a major operation. 
  • The duration of a colonoscopy is typically 30-60 minutes. 

The Final Published Price for a Colonoscopy with Fair Market Health Includes the Following:

  • Doctor Price
  • Surgery Center and/or Hospital Price
  • Anesthesiologist Price
  • Pathologist Price


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