Where Are You Going To Have Your Baby?

July 17, 2018

Having a baby is one of last greatest opportunities. Becoming a parent is rewarding, a dream come true, though can also be stressful!

Many times the stress begins before the baby even arrives. OBGYN appointments, late night hospital visits, and the unexpected continually showing up at your front door.

There is now a way to take some of the unexpected out of the baby experience. With Fair Market Health, we are transforming healthcare and are looking at ways to even give transparent pricing to the cost of healthcare while bringing that new addition to your family! Stay tuned for options for labor and delivery through Fair Market Health over the next several months.

Why Fair Market Health?

For too long, patients have been burdened by the exceedingly high cost of their medical care. Most pay large monthly premiums and even larger deductibles to cover needless, overpriced expenses that have little to do with their actual healthcare needs. What’s more, too many patients continue to pay for hidden, unexpected costs long after they received care that results in more financial and emotional stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay a one-time, affordable price directly to your doctor without all baggage that comes with insurance? Well, now you can. 


Fair Market Health is the fresh, easy-to-use alternative you’ve been looking for. Here’s how it works. Fair Market Health empowers patients to choose from a wide menu of available services to suite their medical needs – everything from a colonoscopy to ACL repair, pacemakers to gallbladder surgery. These services are performed by top doctors and specialist in their field. Instead of paying ongoing premiums, deductibles, copays, and hidden costs, patients who utilize Fair Market Health pay a one-time affordable cost that goes directly to their doctor. Leaving insurance behind allows Fair Market Health to work with doctors to set a fair, affordable price for their services that won’t break the bank of their patients – You! 


With Fair Market Health, patients get the peace of mind knowing they are getting quality services at an affordable price without hidden, unexpected costs that surprise them later on. Furthermore, they get the satisfaction of knowing their money went directly to their doctor and not other people who had nothing to do with their care, such as hospital administrators. Fair Market Health isn’t’ just about affordable prices; we’re also about restoring trust and integrity to the patient-doctor relationship. 



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