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Affordability & Accessibility

We're on a mission to transform
healthcare. We're driven
by what we believe.

Our Vision
To make healthcare in America more affordable and accessible.
Our Mission
Fair Market Health is going to transform America's healthcare system by leveraging the power of technology to directly, and transparently, connect patients with providers.

We believe...

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...that healthcare professionals and patients working in close collaboration are an important factor in transforming healthcare.
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...price transparency and expanded choice are necessary to make healthcare more affordable to more people.
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...healthcare works best when doctors and other healthcare professionals are valued and respected.
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...patients, in consultation with their doctors, should have access to the services and information they need to make well-informed care decisions based on their individual needs and circumstances.
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...free market participants and principles are best suited to develop solutions to serve the needs of the healthcare marketplace.
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...technology has an important role to play as a tool to support patients and healthcare professionals.

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