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A Powerful Tool That Boosts Your Value To Clients

Help your clients save money

Your wholly or partially self-insured customers can save 20-30%.

Power Up Your Offerings

Partnering with Fair Market Health is a great way for brokers to enhance the value they bring to clients. Firms hire you because structuring a health care benefit is complicated. It's also expensive. Fair Market Health, because we build direct relationships between providers and patients, empowers employees and saves companies money.
When brokers bring Fair Market Health to the table, they enhance the benefits to their client's employees and help them save.
Insurance brokers who help their clients to build and offer insurance plans in which the employer is wholly or partially self-insuring will see immediate cost savings via the Fair Market Health platform. We're not a replacement for the insurance plans you represent, we're a value-added offering which can help maximize the benefit of those very plans.
Fair Market Health | A Service for Healthcare Brokers
Fair Market Health | Helps Brokers Add Value to Clients


Fair Market Health | Helps Healthcare Brokers Save Clients Money


Fair Market Health | Helps Healthcare Brokers Improve Client Benefits



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