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Who We Serve

We serve three types of individuals:

Uninsured Cash Shoppers

There are nearly 30 million Americans, or just more than 8% of the population, without insurance. These people, along with their families, must pay out-of-pocket for healthcare services. To do that, they need to know the all-in cost of services. Fair Market Health offers these shoppers a broad marketplace of healthcare services. From Optometry to Oncology and from General Surgery to Gastroenterology, we have the entire spectrum of healthcare covered. All the pricing across our platform is 100% transparent so there will never be any hidden fees. Ever.
Fair Market Health | Uninsured Cash Shoppers

Insured Cash Shoppers

Sometimes the procedure you, or a member of your family, wants isn't covered by traditional insurance. For example, though not always, this is usually the case with Bariatric procedures, Cosmetic surgery, and Reproductive services. lf you're inthe market for any healthcare related service not covered by your insurance carrier, we're likely to have it listed on Fair Market Health, and with all-inclusive pricing.
Fair Market Health | Insured Cash Shoppers

Employees & Dependents

There are two ways to partner with us so that business can offer healthcare benefits to their employees. For businesses with less than 50 employees, learn about our HERO (Healthcare Expense Reimbursement Option). For employers who wholly or partially self-insure, learn how offering Fair Market Health as an added employee benefit could save you 20% or more on your employee healthcare costs. If you're an employee of one of our partner businesses, please remember to start your Fair Market Health search from your dedicated landing page.
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