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How You Save

Learn About How Fair Market Health Saves You Money

Keep your money in your wallet

Why pay for insurance that you aren't using?
Buy what you need through us.
Fair Market Health | Eliminate Healthcare Premiums


... wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what you're paying for? With Fair Market Health, our transparent pricing makes it easy to pay only for the services you need.
Fair Market Health | Financing Available


Not ready to spend cash out of pocket? We offer a financing option that makes taking control of your healthcare even easier. Don't let high deductibles and monthly premiums keep you from getting the services you need.
Fair Market Health | Schedule with Providers


At Fair Market Health, we're revolutionizing healthcare to make it more affordable and accessible. Through our relationships with healthcare providers, you have the ability to connect directly with the source for your healthcare services, saving both time and money.
Fair Market Health | Save Money on Healthcare


Search our menu of high-quality providers and compare prices for dozens of services. Our all-inclusive price includes all related fees so you know what you're paying and what you're receiving.

A Common Sense Approach

Fair Market Health is designed to restore common sense to finding and paying for healthcare. We are here to get you a direct price that will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars without putting doctors at risk of violating their insurance contracts. It's simple. Fair Market Health goes directly to doctors who set their own prices for each surgery, service, or lab. We do the same with the anesthesiologist (if required) and healthcare facility. In the end, we bundle these prices into one flat rate that you may access on our menu of services.
Thus, the rate you see at Fair Market Health is the rate you pay. No exceptions. Since we're able to get direct pricing for each of these pieces, patients pay a drastically lower price than they would with insurance. Instead of maxing-out your deductible and getting unexpected bills in the mail months after your surgery, with Fair Market Health, you pay a one-time price that goes directly to your doctor.
It's easy. It's stress free. It puts you in control and can save you money too.
Fair Market Health | Saves You Money

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