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Buy your service on our site to get the best price —
regardless of your insurance status.
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Search our menu of high-quality providers, and compare prices for dozens of services. Our all-inclusive price includes all related fees so you know what you're paying and what you're receiving.
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After you find the service you are looking for, simply pay online through our secure payment system or call our concierge service to set up your appointment. The best part is, no bills after your service.
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Follow the scheduling instructions for your selected provider. Remind the front desk staff when you check-in that you prepaid for your service.

Fair Market Health Saves You Money & Provides
World Class Surgical Services

For too long, patients have been burdened by the exceedingly high cost of their medical care. Most pay large monthly premiums and even larger deductibles to cover needless, overpriced expenses that have little to do with their actual healthcare needs. What's more, too many patients continue to pay for hidden, unexpected costs long after they received care that results in more financial and emotional stress. Wouldn't it be nice to pay a one-time, affordable price directly to your doctor without all the baggage that comes with insurance?
Well, now you can.
Fair Market Health is an easy-to-use alternative.
Here's how it works.
  • Fair Market Health empowers patients to choose from a wide menu of available services to suit their medical needs— everything from a colonoscopy to ACL repair, pacemakers to gallbladder surgery.
  • These services are performed by top doctors and specialist in their field.
  • Instead of paying ongoing premiums, deductibles, copays, and hidden costs, patients who utilize Fair Market Health pay a one-time affordable cost that goes directly to their doctor.
  • Leaving insurance behind allows Fair Market Health to work with doctors to set a fair, affordable price for their services that won't break the bank of their patients — You!
With Fair Market Health, patients have peace of mind knowing they are getting quality services at an affordable price without hidden, unexpected costs that surprise them later.
Fair Market Health | Saves You Money
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