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Healthcare Costs Are Rising

Fair Market Health can be part of the solution.

For Small Businesses

If you're a small business, then you're either not providing any healthcare benefits to your employees or offering a group insurance plan that is very expensive and growing more costly each year. Our HERO (Health Expense Reimbursement Option) is the answer you've been seeking. You set your own budget for healthcare benefits. In most cases, HERO will end up offering your employees a more robust healthcare benefit, and at a much lower cost than a fully insured group plan. Learn more.
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Partially/Wholly Self-Insured Employers

Your people are your greatest asset, and your greatest cost. Employers want to provide attractive benefits to their employees, but exorbitant insurance premiums often prevent organizations from offering what they really want to.
Many businesses have come to realize that they can offer better plans at lower costs by partially or wholly self-insuring. If you do this, however, you will need to help your employees make the best, most economical choices when it comes to their healthcare.
That's where Fair Market Health comes in. We've partnered with a growing list of providers across the medical spectrum with transparent and all-inclusive pricing that, on average, can save employers 20-30%. Happier employees and significant savings are possible.
For the 2022 plan year, for example, one of our small business employer partners saved over $150,000*.
*Savings calculated against Nationwide Average Pricing.
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Fair Market Health | Reducing Employers' Healthcare Expenses


Fair Market Health | Save Money on Employee Healthcare



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